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Grass Calamagrostis <br/> Karr Foerster
Grass Calamagrostis
Karr Foerster


Easily grown in medium to wet soils in full sun. Blooms well in light shade, and full sun. Prefers rich moist soils that do not dry out. Does well in clay soils, unlike many other kinds of ornamental grasses. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter just before the new spring shoots appear.

Height 3-4'
Zone 5

Grass Calamagrostis <br/> Overdam
Grass Calamagrostis


Overdam has striking creamy white stripes with green variegation along the length of its leaves. It will tolerate heat when planted in part-shade. This variegated grass has clumping foliage that reaches 18 inches. Like ‘Karl Foerster’, stems with airy seed heads tower 5-6 feet above the mound. Should be cut back at the end of winter to allow for new growth and late spring flowering.

Height 2-3'.
Sun and afternoon shade.
Zone 4.

Grass Festuca glauca <br/> Blue Fescue
Grass Festuca glauca
Blue Fescue


Silvery blue foliage in fountainlike clumps to 4-10" tall. Best in light well drained soil in full sun. Use in rock gardens or containers.

Height 4-10".
Full sun.
Zone 3.

Grass Hachijoensis <br/> Evergold
Grass Hachijoensis


Evergold has green and creamy yellow variegated leaves. Its compact, mounding habit makes a great border or groundcover. Ideal for containers or rock gardens, Evergold grows well in moist areas and adds visual appeal to ponds and waterscapes. Low maintenance.

Height 12-16".
Afternoon shade.
Zone 5

Grass Helictotrichon<br/> Blue Oat
Grass Helictotrichon
Blue Oat


Blue Oat Grass is a standout cool season ornamental grass with deep blue foliage. It grows in a clumping shape. Long graceful stems emerge in late spring topped with tan oat-like seed heads. Prefers full sun and well-drained locations and can be grown in containers.

Height 18-24".
Full Sun.
Zone 4.

Grass Panicum Virgatum <br/> Shenandoah
Grass Panicum Virgatum


The best red Panicum. Even the most experienced have mistaken it for Imperata (considered a noxious weed in Utah) at first glance. It colors up by June and the flowers are also red. The shortest of the group and also the slowest grower. This will probably be the most popular Switchgrass ever! Nothing comes close to the fall color displayed by this grass!

Height 2-3'
Zone 2

Grass Pennisetum <br/> Hameln
Grass Pennisetum


Hameln is a smaller variety of fountain grass. Green grass blades in summer turning rust colored in fall.

Height 2-3'
Zone 5


Ajuga is a good ground cover for part shade to full sun.

Phlox is a good ground cover for part shade to full sun. Looks great flowing over a rock wall.

Sedum is a good ground cover for full sun and is drought tolerant. It also works great on Green Roofs.