Anacyclus Garden Gnome

Anacyclus pyrethrum var. depressus

Mountain Daisy or Garden Gnome

A small daisy for the rock garden, forming a low mat.  Grey-green leaves, short stems of white daisies appear in late spring, each with a yellow eye, the petals are often reddish-purple on the back. Very drought tolerant.  Can be used in a rock wall, gravel garden or a mass planting.  Blooms continue well into the summer, showing colour at a time when so many other rock garden plants are long since finished.

Height: 2-4 Inches
Spread: 6-8 Inches
Zone: 3
Full Sun
Foliage: Geenish Grey
Bloom Color: White with a Purple                         Underside
Bloom Time: Early Summer
Soil: Well Drained
Deer Resistant: No
Evergreen: In Most Climates