Mentha Corsican Mint

Mentha requienii

'Corsican mint'

Mentha requienii, commonly called Corsican mint or creeping mint, is a miniature mat-forming plant that typically grows 1/2" to 1" tall but spreads by thread like stems which creep along the ground rooting as they go to 12" wide.  Best grown in well-drained soils in morning sun to part shade.  Loves afternoon shade in Utah.  Intolerant of drought. Tolerates limited foot traffic.  It is effective as an aromatic filler growing around stepping stones where light foot traffic will release a pleasing mint aroma.  Leaves are evergreen in mild winter climates.  Tiny round green leaves have a strong aroma when bruised. Leaves are the source of the flavoring in creme-de-menthe. Tiny lilac flowers bloom for summer.  Flowers are so small they are often not seen.

Height: 1-2 Inches
Spread: 12 Inches
Zone: 6-9
Morning Sun Afternoon Shade            Foliage: Green
Bloom Color: Lilac
Bloom Time: Summer
Deer Resistant: Yes
Evergreen: Yes