The Fire

On Monday, June 21st Butterfield Gardens Ground Cover experienced a fire at our main operation down in Palmyra, Utah. The last people to clock out left just after 4 PM, and by 5 o'clock the whole building, along with all of our equipment, was gone. We are so grateful for the amazing fire fighters who helped put the fire out and helped stop it from spreading anywhere else. We are especially grateful that no one was hurt! The fire investigators were unable to determine the cause of the fire. Unfortunately, our main house is where we housed all of our equipment. We lost our state-of-the-art planting machine, the flat filler, the cutting machine, the tractor, the golf cart, all of the desks, the plug poppers, tons of product that had been planted Monday, and so much more. This is a devastating blow, but we will not let it stop us. In spite of this horrible tragedy, we are dusting ourselves off. We are already taking orders and are making sure we stay on track. As a family, we are united and will continue being your favorite ground cover growers.
We sincerely appreciate all of the kindness and well wishes. We are truly blessed to have so many good people in our midst.

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